Get in the spirit of spring with a Easter gift home delivery from the Snow Queen! Package includes a 15 minute princess front yard visit complete with photos, a song, autographs, and a Easter gift delivery. 


Deliveries will take place on Saturday, April 3rd. Deliveries in Ketchum will take place from 10am - 12pm and deliveries in Hailey will take place from 1pm - 3pm. You will purchase either a Ketchum or Hailey delivery and we will let you know the exact time the Princess will arrive the day before the delivery!



Want another gift for a second or third child? Additional Easter gifts available for $10. Please check the shop for this listing to add an additional child to your visit. Max 4 kids per visit. Visits must be conducted outdoors for the safety of our customers and performers. Actresses conducting the visit has been fully vaccinated but will remain socially distanced. 

Princess Easter Gift Delivery